Sunday, April 7, 2024

 It's not About You, Baby

When a ship has sailed, you really 
know it
don't ya
when an hour comes judgement

and violence 
sea storms over
Mare Nostrum 
that's our love
tears and wind
belong exclusively 
to us

the dream of Icarus
the promiscuity of Zeus
always with someone new
no fault of my own, my love only

grows and you have been filled
too full so send the deck hands
to throw buckets of water over board
prevent the capsize I am too much love

I shouldn't be holding a whore close
but if she allows it anything goes
if a gentle kiss on the neck
and a caress of her head 
isn't repulsed than 
neither will the 
wind that 


I will not go quiet or ease up
a calm sea is not love and this 

this is not about what you want

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