Monday, April 22, 2024

Just me and the Lord

Ever the sensualist
twice a bridesgroom
third time's the charm

can Icarus fly too high, or what?

a man must be confident
but my face gave me away
flew too high last summer night
and the moon fell down to the trees
the silence of field coyotes 

stay in your groove kid
don't let it slip
love is worth it
I'm telling you 
compliment me baby

you know this
irresistable to the bones
I'll lay you down


We play chess in the 4th
and love in the third
my desire keeps me waiting 
make your move babe

lips burned from flying fire
girls don't want to fuck average guys

got no one to impress
just me and the Lord tonight
save me from these whores
angel wings in flight
again, like 

and if daddy ain't strong, nobody's strong

I had better pray, and you
had better come

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