Thursday, April 4, 2024

I am not Emperor Justinian and you are not Theodora

I want to save you
your perfume smells 
like the early nineties
you weren't there, but I was

you got me feeling like a mack
your street talk and street swag
shit brings me back
young girl, old soul

so high and yet not satisfied 
even though I went twice
and I awoke the next morning still feeling fire in my abdomen for your sweet insides and memories flash of you laughing with me in your belly

I want to save you
if only I were an emperor
and had the confidence
to know that I can

and there is no game with you
only cash

no waiting 3 days to call
no response times
no read receipts

only cash

a tight
and what I want

but alas, I am not Justinian 
and you are not Theodora 

only past

like the only tattoo 
on your tight ass

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