Saturday, September 30, 2023

Live in Bed, Die in Battle 

 Dream softly
enter the sedation
end of discipline
sun-soaked day

nothing but a breeze
removing droplets
from your skin

- stop this -

like messanger birds
breaking a buck out of the rut
epiphanies are flying to me
power of my fathers 
warriors of the Boyne
Jacobites with dark hair
and emerald eyes 
black Irish in my blood
won't be denied 
the savage in my 
love can't be hidden
I want more so I work more
hussars to my left, Celts on my right
my ancestors lived in bed and in battle

they died

 Full Circle

 What tells the wind
move certain ways
and what tells can you
read from these lines on my face

the taste of your home town
in another's embrace is 
an experience to behold
I'm aging but far from old

I'm often pensive when not jocular
and these rhythms of mood 
hold a small world, too big to paint 
like a corn crib near harvest holds the 
orange, September, moon in place

full circle is more than a cliché 
I believe it comes around in more than one way

The Cards We're Dealt

 A psychiatrist 
can give you anything 
but inner strength 

watch your sedations kid
and watch your sleeves
near that machine

I remember being
shocked and being 
pulled back to life

it's life we all want and money we all die for 
but only taste freedom and good things
in a fleeting moment through our sons

so breathe strong autumnal air
we're all headed for death at the end
of a candle you had best embrace that western sun red with a head held high and a confident chest it makes no sense to think of anything else but what we make with what we're dealt.

Blueprints of Intimacy

don't care where we stand
capitalize bird prints in the sand

don't care who knows
an Alexandrian library aflame

blueprints of intimacy
tied in a knot kiss my cheek it touches my soul your name the breastplate of Cleopatra gems enthroned a gleam set deep against the black I reached in and tried to touch your soul offered to tie you to the bed post did what I could I know I thrilled your cheeks reddened like the setting sun 
desire will have what it wants

Tuesday, September 26, 2023

 A Reprehensible Truth

I was born 
with a flat voice
because God
did not want me singing

He wanted me monotone 
and bringing 

might blow 
through you 
like 762 rounds
AK47 Armor-piercing 
no flash supressor for the swagger 
I won't allow myself to be average
even the ugly don't like the average

Judge that 
truth as reprehensible 
but my words and poetry 

as the beautiful

Monday, September 25, 2023

Carl Sandburg's Soul

 Venture the journey
what the road does to 
a man's soul
binds his wounds and makes him whole

travel the craft
tools in hand
and coming home
cash in the bag

the land is flat and open
peeling back layers of stars
the wind hits the back
and the neck and holds 
you like a long friendship
midwest America hits different 
out here there is enough air 
to sweeten the soul
my friends
pork burning
corn turning
a two stroke motor's exhaust lingers in the background 
bourbon in oak
Carl Sandburg's soul
is in my nose

Sunday, September 24, 2023


 Sunday morning
he said he made
her bleed 
bonds get
different as sands shape 

"They all lie, they all paint their faces"
one man says,
"My honey's so good, can't replace her"
says another
I find the truth between 
and desire new sheets
something out of the dryer
recently, unsoiled, soft and 
clean slip your
shape to my bed
and fit well
the mattress is deep
fortune favors the bold
no matter the thread count 

I often find myself trying 
like the devil to replace the 
simplest of items
something not worth a whole lot
be damned, be caught
still slip off 
I must
build myself to tree-like

ignore the wanton 
lack of pasture 
and graze new towns 
I don't know what comes
after this
but I'll be 
damned if I let 

Saturday, September 23, 2023


 Hot crickets lie
cool breeze on my
back and baby what 
was this and how will
you earn me back?

now I know
but maybe I don't 
be still my soul
for answers 
don't come easy
one needs time to adjust
the plot and see
are things as dark as they appear
have we stabbed innocence with a spear?

my soul, too
sits on this breeze
a change of seasons 
thrust upon us like my 
hips into yours 
I'll know all too soon
what to do 
for every curtain closed 
down the hall is a door
light always comes through
so clothe yourself well
artistry, prayers and time 
always do tell. 

Friday, September 22, 2023

Not Nice

 A candle keeps me alive
a candle goes, you know,
as our lives and hopes
who I wish you were

how I wish you were her
am not nice in any sense 
of the word and still this 
hot candle burns
I've only been known
for my heat
only been loved 
for the heat that I bring

am not nice 
in any of the right ways
I devour my loves
and they always run away
I'm ok with these 
turning tides

not nice, have been known for 
quick desire
turn away when close to the fire
yet this candle still burns
whomever is in my room
my heart still yearns
for what I had with you.

Thursday, September 21, 2023

 Against the Grey

When the rain 
has passed and
the sky is left only
there is nothing
but the dull hum of transformers in a switchyard 1.5 miles away

nothing new to see here
just to share a beer
with someone
I do not know 
I know I wish it were whiskey
but I am making me strong
no one speaks of the dull drum
of discipline's lungs
breathing and beating
for it is a shadow
and shadows aren't particularly colorful 
after the rain 
even the sunset is grey
cigarettes don't even taste the same
like a suburban lawnmower in an HOA
personality without any taste
no one speaks of the race
only the glory of first place
but the race is what makes men
and I am being made 
by my own will against the 


even tombstones 
spread wealthily 
amongst the green
excite the mind through
the eyes a contrast of colors
to be refined but the grave is on
furlough and our lives the waiting room
skeletons reclined waiting for a phone call
and when work calls
we will answer
I garuntee we will be on time
after the rain
is only a grey sky
same as a green isle
the green in hazel eyes
a patchwork of ancestors'
lives we pride ourselves on 
saints enshrined in stained glass lines
upward blow the pipes to the sky that is 


not a g'damned thing has changed
dull hums in the key of A
a soft protest of the 
season's change
a sharp blow
to the side
of the face
and when 
be it tall 
a rebellious
church against 
the rocks beaten by 
the seas also soft blows salt
briny foam and every other diadem 
set enthroned at the end of glory cometh 

on the other side of the


Wednesday, September 20, 2023

 This river feels dead

but I know it's not black tree 

line and one owl speaks

the silence and the raptor 

remind me I dont know you

Tuesday, September 19, 2023

 With a Million Stars

Come here my love
understand I want more
most popular culture is
training for whores
I don't judge that
but understand 
I will fill your insides
I'll descend my hands 
to your sides 
back into me
call me daddy
my darkness
I am imbued with
the spirits of my dead friends
I am the new
and you are my Persephone
ride with me
die with me
your eternal hair
envelopes me

watch me murder Hercules
watch me reach higher than Icarus
watch me bite harder than Cerberus
baby, dream with me and let me fill your dark insides with a million stars.

Monday, September 18, 2023

 Our Preferred Blend

"She is
-I mean in real life."  he said
the honor of her beauty, something 
to defend

draw back your wallet pic, son
you won't be home anytime soon 

habitually a man doesn't draw back
and I never apologize for that 
risks I took - consequences be damned

I always feel 
and am never shook

my brother is in a wilderness 
a place I have been
home would be nice
and so are warm friends
but the brotherhood of oil is thicker than all of 

muscle and steel nothing soft in this black land
fuel and blood we build with our hands
our lives shortened and saturated by our preferred nicotine blend

Sunday, September 17, 2023

Hope is the Secret Sauce

 Twenty two and half degrees to the left
rain cuts the trees of forest 

push down leaves in darkness
I have to sleep but this is no challenge 

I am the terror
I am the sasquatch 
the lord of this manor of darkness
man never fears the wood
the wood fears the man 
will to kill is more
powerful than an instinct

this shrub is an ode 
to my strength 
not here to kill or
destroy with wanton
only calculated 
and clean
within reason

bravery's reward is
greater than fear's comfort
a man juts out in the wild
like the trees jut out to the expanse 
a bold attempt to touch the stars
don't let up on your hope boy
hope is the secret sauce that makes us men
despondency is a warm blanket to smother your desires' end

Saturday, September 16, 2023

Only Darkness is My Love

 Sick lines
and hot metaphors
I have a few hours
I present them as an offering to an ancient god

a little bit of black ink 
and a little bit of mystery 
mixing in the bloodstream 
isn't it invigorating?
my love
my lady
the night that you bring me 
is darker than shadows on a white page all my ink spilled will ever be 

black, cloud covered night, rain thrashing trees
my heart is contented and over joyed with thee

it's you

 and your dark hair, eyes and breast-peaks


Friday, September 15, 2023

Die Like Moses

 A transformer sings electricity 
behind me, it's something you cannot see

only the work from steam 
to tea
only steel and the roar-thrum of turbine
passing by a thousand times per second

one magnetic line of flux 
throws an electron down an isophase
through space time at a frequency 
that cannot be denied 

High voltage electricity is like God
If you were to see that which keeps you alive
Like Moses, you too would surley die.

Thursday, September 14, 2023

 The Vision That Fills My Soul

Cicadas are a dog whistle to the end of summer
a bold whisper against the cool breeze and clear autumnal sky
laundry waving on a line

pencil in my life - sketch or an outline
of time passing by
like a speeding Amtrak

click clack against the rails, my heartbeat
the engine's thrum, my rushing blood

I wouldn't stop until I see that smile in front of the sun, cheeks turned up making your eyes tight and teeth like soldiers at bold attention, proclaiming thier victory.

until colored
leaves filter sun 
and alchemize her fingers
gold and that is
the vision that
fills my

Monday, September 4, 2023

Hotter, Coarser, Blood

 Couldn't move past you
fast enough
Couldn't get over your seductive words
in time

I took a drive 
and realized 
you sold me the dream
and it's still alive 

and I am vivified 
hotter, coarser, blood there cannot be
my mind is lapping the intensity