Sunday, September 11, 2022

Desire waning

 Here I am 
Dreams unfurling
And there you are
A rain falling in the past
Here we come to the sounds of birds and dementia, our years of gold richly adorned with crowns of mistakes not yet forgiven 

This is a poem of mortality 
And this is a dream of wisdom 
It's all come full circle my love
I never had you and you never had me
It was all a dream, yes a dream
With stained glass circles and beams
Of light filtering through

Desire is still in me, but the fire is lower.

Tuesday, April 19, 2022

Laugh at the Rest of the World Together

We just might and
Run and create a
New story, together into the night, would you like that? Because there is no use for the past


We can make it and still be
Responsible dammit
Just wait until we get that
Fuck you money


Laugh at the rest of the world together
We should just
Hey, we really should observe what the sun is doing in the morning and the evening. 


We should do it with coffee or tea.