Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Sidestepped advances are the worst kinds of dances
And you could never dance well to begin with

Could you?

I am proud of my recklessness
Careless abandon
You are cowed by your own life
And dissatisfaction

You didn’t come here to dance, though. Did you?
You came for the punch and to be carried by a dancer
At least for a little while
And when the buzz wore off
You followed me home anyway,
But you wanted to stand outside in the rain
Indecisiveness indicative of your cowardice
Pleasure less important than the familiar comfort of pain

This is a smile, my dear

Something I should’ve known for a while, my dear

Friday, May 5, 2017


The gods came down
And smelted roses
From the ashes of my last life
Each one a new life, a new color

Some thorns are better than others
And some fragrances sweeter
Some petals soft
And some petals bitter

Roses must be kept cool to thrive
They cannot toil and sweat
They are wilted by worry and
Carried away by fret

Trouble is not trouble if you behold their
Simple beauty, take it for what it is
And let expectations drift slowly
Out into the black blanket pierced by stars so often called the night sky.
I pick up moons and tides of lives gone by and these ashes make sure to water for all it takes is Dionysus' bulbs carefully placed, to grow new roses for each new day.