Tuesday, April 30, 2024

 Out of Pocket

 Sometimes a man walks up a hill
anger outstanding like Achilleus 
never more alone so 
sing oh muse
I was only looking for the things that make a man whole
but one wrong turn 
brings down the hand of doom

out of pocket
she called me dilf
and I called her baby doll

someone got their teeth knocked out
at the bar across from my house
don't push it too far

the aged out with blue
hair pushes back
legs spread like a man 
in front of me she sat

tied me to a tree
like the thief next to Our Lord 
for all to see

remember me 
in your kingdom
when I leave and 
you are free 

Our Lady
of these streets

Friday, April 26, 2024

No Books

Spring's cold cuts 
like diametrical ice
a false summer sunrise
and aren't you still frigid
like a stinging metallic dime in
my pocket with little real value and 
no heat

Jim Morrison said, "The bus gives you a hard on with books in your lap."
No books, I had only a Guns and Roses t-shirt 
and a Tony hawk haircut she always stood up and had to advertise that raven black hair, perfected face paint and her scent, my god her scent...

last night I went deep under a red light
touched her soul from both sides
and I must love her 
for I saw my self, and I told my self
give her your best, she is a barbarian like you not a Roman with raven black magic, not a child of the sea with midnight-colored psyiognomy, not adorned with drizzling jeweled crown

Girls of my dreams are far past midnights and red lights
and spring cuts cold like diametrical ice

Monday, April 22, 2024

Just me and the Lord

Ever the sensualist
twice a bridesgroom
third time's the charm

can Icarus fly too high, or what?

a man must be confident
but my face gave me away
flew too high last summer night
and the moon fell down to the trees
the silence of field coyotes 

stay in your groove kid
don't let it slip
love is worth it
I'm telling you 
compliment me baby

you know this
irresistable to the bones
I'll lay you down


We play chess in the 4th
and love in the third
my desire keeps me waiting 
make your move babe

lips burned from flying fire
girls don't want to fuck average guys

got no one to impress
just me and the Lord tonight
save me from these whores
angel wings in flight
again, like 

and if daddy ain't strong, nobody's strong

I had better pray, and you
had better come

Friday, April 19, 2024

 Spades Trump Hearts

Girls open their legs
for drug dealers, not office clerks 

fakes with clean shaves, lots of fat, and nice shoes

the girl in the coffee shop prophesied 
that I would make it to work on time

damnation is not for me 
power of the Holy Cross
and those motherfuckers breed 
and break bread

blessed is the Lord who prepareth my hands for battle because I'm in deep shit
keep my wits 
my head is clean and drug free

 cool like a coma in sunlight behind these 

Pit Viper shades of mine I keep hearing jazz cymbols echo from another place, another time did I write and stage my existence unfolding to the world, a full suit of spades is sharp and trumps the heart.


Thursday, April 18, 2024

 Welder Girl

That's an ordinary walk
but baby those hips are for kids
brown eyes I can't help but like

that's some ordinary talk
and lots of smiles 
she holds her own
confidence in a man's world

it's an ordinary name she has
I've seen art on her ass
she makes sparks it's her class
the braids and welder's cap

and that's an ordinary face I was shocked to find
such beauty unrefined in a workshop back room, I made her laugh but not hard, she striked an arc, between us babe, strike that 


Tuesday, April 16, 2024

The Audacity of the Carefree 

 What dreams surround me
and what beets beneath this milky skin
cabbage headed monster that I am
still grooved like a gourd 

birdhouse beat under the ground 
my noodle sister inspire me
words be nimble like stalks of corn
words be quick like a Midwestern storm

demons be nimble, troublesome soul
demons be quick, the jester digs his own hole
bowed low stalks of wheat
just what makes him think he can be so care free

Jack be nimble, don't stand still 
Jack be quick, move a pickup truck around the world 
red radishes in the lips of spades and hoes' tricks
why does a whore want connection and to be kissed?

thrust ships into bone
dry lips we sail alone
images cut like ice 
I once prayed for you, I won't tonight. 

Sunday, April 7, 2024

 It's not About You, Baby

When a ship has sailed, you really 
know it
don't ya
when an hour comes judgement

and violence 
sea storms over
Mare Nostrum 
that's our love
tears and wind
belong exclusively 
to us

the dream of Icarus
the promiscuity of Zeus
always with someone new
no fault of my own, my love only

grows and you have been filled
too full so send the deck hands
to throw buckets of water over board
prevent the capsize I am too much love

I shouldn't be holding a whore close
but if she allows it anything goes
if a gentle kiss on the neck
and a caress of her head 
isn't repulsed than 
neither will the 
wind that 


I will not go quiet or ease up
a calm sea is not love and this 

this is not about what you want

Thursday, April 4, 2024

I am not Emperor Justinian and you are not Theodora

I want to save you
your perfume smells 
like the early nineties
you weren't there, but I was

you got me feeling like a mack
your street talk and street swag
shit brings me back
young girl, old soul

so high and yet not satisfied 
even though I went twice
and I awoke the next morning still feeling fire in my abdomen for your sweet insides and memories flash of you laughing with me in your belly

I want to save you
if only I were an emperor
and had the confidence
to know that I can

and there is no game with you
only cash

no waiting 3 days to call
no response times
no read receipts

only cash

a tight
and what I want

but alas, I am not Justinian 
and you are not Theodora 

only past

like the only tattoo 
on your tight ass

Wednesday, April 3, 2024

Child of the Romans

Bow down
in the temple columns 
and blood train
before the gods
or the saints 
that have replaced them 

if you wonder 
why I'm in love with you

my ancestors sacked rome
for the girls
not the gold

and I will kill to 
capture your heart
but I don't have to
child of the Romans
bread and circus 
hippodrome and chariots 
do not offer what your insides do
I will kill for you, but would never lie to you