Tuesday, March 26, 2024

Slip like Lightning

All energy returns to ground
the universe demands balance
I tried to taste someone new
but couldn't pull the trigger

come to me you negative spirit 
I'll fill you with positive vibes
come to me from the north babe
and I'll show you the south

all energy returns to ground 
we all seek balance
it's just my bad nature
and your good looks make a hell of a fire

I'm holding stars for you
make me pull the trigger
hands to the hips
we can slip like lightning into the ground 

Sunday, March 24, 2024

 Pontificating on the Mississippi 

These days I find
my money
often lies
on the mud swole banks of the Mississippi 
river in bags soaked with black oil and bolts I'm found terminating powerhouse controls isophase links and a steady hand to hot glue steel makes the best lover you know it's true

throwing out nets 
for 12 hour shifts
and baby you 
because I don't behave well

navigate well 
this sea wall
this American river 

what's assumed you should know
ain't always so
start with a handicap 
and told it doesn't matter
the love has to be real
I'm not a social climber
fuck, my love is real
and my enemies are too

Friday, March 22, 2024

 Rythm of Faith

Who else knows 
and who else cares
out here, it is just us
we are our joy

steel and oil
my heart beats
for my friends
blood to my bones 
for them

and ticking clocks
beat the body for pay
and rythm of faith
that when quitting time comes
something better with it

Thursday, March 21, 2024

Tame my Soul

 A hundred men come and a hundred men
exchanged for the next shift it's 
a dangerous game you're playing kid

I unfold smiles
my confidence and risk
God is not a magic wand
you get what you get

saints and all
unfolding like cards
every suit and smile from afar
and just maybe that's what they do
in another place, faces drawn up like the sun
mask my inner being and tame 
my soul

Tuesday, March 19, 2024

 Angels Over Mare Nostrum

True story
I used to try and outrun angels
the peeling of a pear -
an unnecessary exercise

a woman's soul is behind her cervix
be damned if you can't get there

In love with a language 
a craft
power tastes better than pussy
if you can master it

don't move
a religion takes over an empire
part two
in step with angels
marble statue
cherub round flesh
in doom and two
we will drink of the rose
and slice off the moon.