Tuesday, April 16, 2024

The Audacity of the Carefree 

 What dreams surround me
and what beets beneath this milky skin
cabbage headed monster that I am
still grooved like a gourd 

birdhouse beat under the ground 
my noodle sister inspire me
words be nimble like stalks of corn
words be quick like a Midwestern storm

demons be nimble, troublesome soul
demons be quick, the jester digs his own hole
bowed low stalks of wheat
just what makes him think he can be so care free

Jack be nimble, don't stand still 
Jack be quick, move a pickup truck around the world 
red radishes in the lips of spades and hoes' tricks
why does a whore want connection and to be kissed?

thrust ships into bone
dry lips we sail alone
images cut like ice 
I once prayed for you, I won't tonight. 

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