Tuesday, October 3, 2023

Stay on Point 

 Music is good but
poetry is what makes it
so why not master the language 

It's that southern "bless your heart"      
that gets me excited 
you can sing but can you
the devil and here ya are winning with a bully 
making him chase his tail and laughing like saint George spearing his head we the victorious chant a monotone song of champs 
it's a come around 
like a cool summer
a head to rest near
the edge of a lake 
with a camp girl
and a camp fire
make me warm
babe autumnal 
words blow like 
smoke giving us
meaning and hope
warrior in a garden
another trope but also
a lifeline too many men 
gone to their preferred anodye
sedation is bullshit kid, get up get a 
tilt your head back
just a bit
fast forward to the next millennium 
and the only way to do that is loose your seed
hard and fast 
the earth will recieve the strong
with open arms and joy
just keep your shit
and stay
on point. 




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