Sunday, October 1, 2023

Pomegranate Seed 
(Of Persephone)

When we used to be sensitive to the spirits
you touched nature for the thrill of it
arrowhead in a riverbed and gods beneath 
the streams running wildly in advance
of things to come

dig deep touch
a conduit from 
another time there is a
print of a soul on it

she broke this mustang too quick
and I stopped her in the middle of it
thought of a lie and threw it out
quick but the damage had been done
Cleopatra with her adder 
and I am Mark Antony
stole her from Julius Cesar
with poison still in me
this stallion set free
spooked and foaming 
I rage

and we called it music

you did not know I was a god
myself kings and princes put on the shelf
you didn't know I was beyond your help
I am Hades lord of hell
collect your flowers
collect them well 
it makes sense
for me to 
found you 
with a nymph 
and the earth will
open and you will
see  that there is nothing 
sweeter than pomegranate seed

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