Tuesday, July 2, 2024

 Words to the Wind

I keep my coffee close and my hardhat clean
water for my son
coffee for me
I still think about Violet
the color of royalty 
power my pursuit 
and so was she

and baby you don't have to lie to me
wireman welders don't have feelings 

but the feelings I had for the purple are overwhelming 
the color of sunrise
over Midwestern skies
all ghosts and words to the wind
number my days and leave me to my sins
I bought her flowers then gave them to the Virgin

I would have forgotten you, Violet 
if it weren't for that wind
and I'm moving on
with no heart in the game
I've been heartless - myself to blame
a product of Achilles rage
an Odyssey of more of the same
night and day
work and play
these words and wind are all grey

I'm a man of the finest burial shroud
but I have nothing to say
just wind

on the Indiana plains.

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