Wednesday, June 12, 2024

Things That You Cannot See

 Nothing is warmer than a sunset
Indiana's eve blows a breeze that can balance
the universe

green grass haze in suburban streets
the cookie cutter houses in rows drawn neatly
a lone cul-de-sac and a high pitched dog bark

I've wanted the normalcy of colligiate 
banners soflty cracking over a concrete stoop
I've wanted beauty in the West where the sun sinks deeper than grecian temple columns into Mare Nostrum 

and I've seen a lot

and I'll venture to make steel sweat 
and I'll do it for hours on end
I'll be responsible for making your world 
run the hum of sixty hertz and the hot coils 
that turn one potential to another

line side friend
load side lover

all measurements of what we cannot see
and it's what we can't see that tastes the best
do you hear the soft fire overhead?
strung between what used to be trees symmetrical and wooden, now plumbed true
transmission of power from me to you

the sun sets different in the Midwest 
Indiana has no sights to thrill
but you can't see God and you can't see love
you can't see electricity and you can't see the future 

and you can't see it, but you sure can create the aroma for desire

nothing is warmer than a sunset

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