Sunday, September 24, 2023


 Sunday morning
he said he made
her bleed 
bonds get
different as sands shape 

"They all lie, they all paint their faces"
one man says,
"My honey's so good, can't replace her"
says another
I find the truth between 
and desire new sheets
something out of the dryer
recently, unsoiled, soft and 
clean slip your
shape to my bed
and fit well
the mattress is deep
fortune favors the bold
no matter the thread count 

I often find myself trying 
like the devil to replace the 
simplest of items
something not worth a whole lot
be damned, be caught
still slip off 
I must
build myself to tree-like

ignore the wanton 
lack of pasture 
and graze new towns 
I don't know what comes
after this
but I'll be 
damned if I let 

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