Sunday, September 17, 2023

Hope is the Secret Sauce

 Twenty two and half degrees to the left
rain cuts the trees of forest 

push down leaves in darkness
I have to sleep but this is no challenge 

I am the terror
I am the sasquatch 
the lord of this manor of darkness
man never fears the wood
the wood fears the man 
will to kill is more
powerful than an instinct

this shrub is an ode 
to my strength 
not here to kill or
destroy with wanton
only calculated 
and clean
within reason

bravery's reward is
greater than fear's comfort
a man juts out in the wild
like the trees jut out to the expanse 
a bold attempt to touch the stars
don't let up on your hope boy
hope is the secret sauce that makes us men
despondency is a warm blanket to smother your desires' end

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