Thursday, June 8, 2017

A Shame

Did you know, as I did, that it was only instinct, darling?
and you worked it like magic

but so did I

I was
quiet, yet firm
kind and direct
my voice, solid and bold
and I didn't even have to smile

but you sure did 
sugar brown eyes 
I could've literally dived
right in

hip-width of a Greek goddess and you lifted your arms, tossed your hair and revealed the 
          flesh complimenting them

Well, we certainly know how to appeal to our base instincts, now don't we, darling?

Do you even know what the fuck
kind of dust you are kicking up?
I could fall beneath your palisades
and worship your beauty for days
and nights the two of us would do
we would drink of the rose 
and slice off the moon
I swear to the gods and every living thing 
our animal desires would light holy temple fires
a Dionysian cult would be revived
in an instant bringing all the fertility gods back to life  

but here's the thing

In a moment I walked away
went to the restroom to wash my face
and look in the mirror to see
my heart and brain
and they were completely blank

I mean, literally 
nothing, babe!

It's a goddamn shame 

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