Monday, October 2, 2023

A Struggle from Someone 
(or the value of being a man)

 We vacillate somewhere 
between realism and romanticism 
between our ideals and the 
fucking ground

I've found most of life a beautiful 
struggle between now and the few 
moments of euphoria and shared laughter 
my friends call it love

to look forward to battle
to dead winter and struggle 
I made y'all laugh and I desire 

give me any anodyne but a White
I find them to be the latest narcissists
so trendy and hip, gay and familiar with weakness 

poise forward 
I don't meant to be rude
polite society still provides
some food and comfort for the 
soul a kitchen on 4th street late night
is still aglow
frenzied laughter is the there, too
and pretension shoots
from the hip
social status a quip
and I only want another kid
or two leave me alone in the suburban stew
for this is what magic and dreams are made of
loyalty girds the late summer night streets
impossible without thee
so come my love
what are you waiting for?
a pie to cool
near the back door?
or a high 
school desk to pass notes
true love, life, and laughter 
is only found after a struggle from someone. 

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