Thursday, June 29, 2017

You're cold man,
But your teeth are so damn white
And here we wait
For the next bus

Smile to me again man
Let's hit it off, I haven't made friends yet
Been too damn depressed
Transitions are slow and these bus stop
Shelters are still cold
They may block the wind
From my shins on up
But wind's got my toes
No raised glass can stop it

Come to think of it
Let's go to class, stand outside
On break, smoke and raise a glass
To the arctic temperatures and our
Sordid ways, we got this university

To stay and play
To learn anew and to make new ways
Because the winter on campus always
Makes us slide
But if we can learn
We can jive
I like your teeth man
And I like your smile
I envy your swagger
A country mile
Before us until we catch the late bus
It's like we got nothin' to lose
Even if the cold can cut through our shoes

Jive man
Kick the winter blues
Damn man
And ain't we

Smile and let the pearly whites
Break the steam that
Makes breath visible this time
Of year, show me this town
And we can be awake
And at the same time dream
The memories we create will be that of legend
Let's step on the bus
Let's tame the dragon
And the black smoke she spits
Ride her around and recite poems
She's warm inside
And we don't have to be home
At all if we don't want to
We can ride through the city man
We can create our own land
Or territory,

Damn man, I like your smile
Swag on the bus a
Country mile
Rewrite the city
Rewrite a song
Ride the dragon

We're gettin' on.


WordsPoeticallyWorth said...

I enjoyed reading your poem.

Thank you. Love love, Andrew. Bye.

Jacob said...

I'm glad you did Andrew. Since you are in the UK, be sure to check out Poetry Nottingham (NPS). Cheers. :)